GYROTONIC® Applications for Dancers -- Course 2

Taught by Specialized Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa

10:00am – 1:00pm
2:00pm – 4:00pm

This is a 3–Day workshop for all Certified Level I GYROTONIC® Instructors with Authorized Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa. GYROTONIC® Application for Dancers combines the kinetic fundamentals of classical and contemporary dance with the GYROTONIC® System. This course enables the student or professional dancer to understand and develop dance technique from the inside. This holistic approach to movement teaches better body awareness, flexibility & strength and a deeper understanding of the physiology of dance as well as injury prevention.

Due to its complexity, this course has been developed in two levels. Each course 1 and 2 is a three day segment and each segment is considered an update for all GYROTONIC® level I certified teachers. For more information, please e–mail .

$350 tuition + $200 non–refundable deposit/studio fee
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