Reimi Imaizumi

Reimi is a Polestar Pilates Certified instructor. Before she moved to NY, She has been teaching at In-Motion in Hong Kong for both Matt and Reformer classes.

She is also trained in Jazz, Hiphop, contemporary dance since teenagers and a graduate of the professional
Dancer training program, Showbiz Project at Studiodanz in Hong Kong in 2010 with various performance experiences both HongKong and Tokyo.

She Started Pilates for recovering from her back injury as well as for a treatment for her scoliosis. Since pilates helped her improving her posture, prevent and recovering from injury, and better wellbeing in general, She is passionate to share her knowledge for everyone, especially for dancers and scoliosis clients.

She is certified to teach Polestar Pilates Matt, Reformer and Prop. Other than Pilates, she is also practicing Yoga, Gyrotonic
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