An ordinary painter's ladder provided the inspiration for what later became the Gyrotonic Archway; while experimenting with the painter's ladder, Juliu Horvath envisioned and developed a multitude of exercises that users could perform on such a structure. The unique qualities of the ladder shape allow users to stretch and strengthen certain muscle groups that would otherwise be more difficult to access if the movements were attempted on other structures, and recent additions such as a rotating propeller and adjustable arms make the Gyrotonic Archway a truly unique piece of exercise equipment. Proprioception is uniquely developed on the archway because most exercises are done with the body parallel to the floor, sideways, upside down, or backwards. Strengthening of ligaments and attachments between bones and joints are developed by using the body’s weight and traction.

For personal or professional use; Certified Gyrotonic Trainers need to complete the Archway Foundation Course to become licensed to teach clients professionally on this machine.

COST: $850.00 - 6 DAYS

STUDIO FEE: $250.00
Exhale restriction, inhale possibility.