Juliu Horvath developed the movements that one can perform on the GYROTONER® so that various muscle groups, tendons and ligaments in the spine, arms, hips, legs and ankles, among other body parts, could be strengthened and stretched simultaneously while the user consciously engages breathing patterns when executing the movements. The main influence on the gyrotoner is the upper body, shoulder, elbow, and wrist areas. Articulations of all the bones and joints in these areas are done with circularity, grace and ease. The freedom of movement in these areas stimulates the energy channels running throughout the body and the overall effect on the mind and body can be profound.

For personal or professional use; Certified Gyrotonic Trainers need to complete the Gyrotoner Foundation Course to become licensed to teach clients professionally on this machine.

COST: 550.00 - 4 DAYS

STUDIO FEE: 200.00
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