Starting March 17th

11:30 am - be-ginner class with Pheonix Linsong
12:30 pm - be-ginner/Intermediate class with Master Teacher Billy Macagnone
1:30 pm - Open level class with Jeoung-nam Park
2:30 pm - Dancers class Taught by Miriam Barbosa or Marcela Bragagnolo
3:30 pm - be-ginner class with Ling Acott
4:30 pm - be-ginner class with Ling Acott

all classes are $35 each
11 - pack for $350
23 - pack for $600

For more information or to join:
call: 212 510-7212

I had such a wonderful experience at Body Evolution doing a gyrotonic class.

"I had such a wonderful experience at Body Evolution doing a gyrotonic class. It was a great, safe, comfortable, and informative way to be reintroduced into the work. I'm an Olympic athlete and I really appreciated the visualization used and the understanding of the body. Allison was great!"

~ Allison W.


This is a seated movement class upon which begins with the ‘Awakening of the Senses', simple massages on the whole body to awaken the mind and body before flowing into the seated exercises from a regular GYROKINESIS® class.


this class is our core group class and focuses on technique and proper alignment while doing Level 1 GYROTONIC® exercises, ensuring a solid foundation. You can expect hands-on assistance from the instructor as well as a detailed explanation of how to do the movements. At least one newbe class (or knowledge of the Pulley Tower) required!


This class is dedicated to explaining the founding principles of GYROTONIC® exercise with explanations of how to customize the Pulley Tower unit to your settings and how to set up for different orientations to the Tower. All GYROTONIC® first–timers –– regardless of previous movement experience –– are advised to take at least one of these classes.

new-be/be-ginner (newbe/beg)

This class is designed as a bridge to find where your level is within the GYROTONIC® exercise group classes. You will be taught how customize the Pulley Tower unit to your settings and how to set up for different orientations to the Tower. The class will also break down the essential exercise progressions for the GYROTONIC® movement.


our intermediate classes have less hands-on assistance and less explanation; they build on the skills you learned in the be-ginner classes. Approval from your private session and class trainers required.


GYROKINESIS® is a seated and mat–based movement class upon which the exercises on the GYROTONIC Pulley Tower were based. Originally called “Yoga for Dancers”, postures are not held for long periods of time but are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making exercises appear and feel more like a dance and swimming than like traditional yoga.
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GYROTONIC® Applications for Dancers -- Course 1 - WEST 72nd STREET

Taught by Specialized Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa

This course will be held at our West 72nd Street Location

$350 tuition + $200 non–refundable deposit/studio fee

Call the Studio to book now: 212–375–0430
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