Gyrotonic Applications for Juliu’s Wrapping System

taught by Specialized Master Trainer Debra Rose

Course Fee: $525
Non-Refundable Studio Fee: $250

Course Hours: 10am-1pm 2:30pm-4:30pm

Course Location
Body Evolutions East Village
266 E 10th St (between 1st and A)
New York, NY 10009

For more information:
call: (212) 375–0430

Course Description:
This course uses cloth wraps that are tied around the pelvis, torso, arms,or legs. These body wraps give clients the feeling of openness and freedom while also creating a sense of deep connection and power in the body.

This course focuses on three things:
-Developing the trainer's ability to ‘see’ his/her client
-Sequences with standing work
-Feeling what the wraps do to the body in movement.

Students in this course will learn how to translate that information to the client’s workout and will also learn to use the wraps for cueing.