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Group Classes Now Available!

Group Classes Now Available!

Dear Body Evolutions clients,

We hope everyone is well and healthy. It has been difficult for us all but I do feel things are starting to get back to somewhat "normal" circumstances. Of course we need to stay vigilant and focused on continuing to stay safe as we move forward.

We are excited to announce We have met all the COVID health restrictions and are ready to offer group classes for Pilates and Gyrotonic®!

Because of the new restrictions as in only being able to have 33% occupancy, we are faced with a strain on being able to get a smaller number of clients in safely. We have removed half of our machines to comply and proper social distancing will be adhered to for all clients that will use the machines.

Classes are no longer back to back as we need to have 15 minutes between each class to keep cleanliness as well as allow students to leave before others show up keeping the number of students at one time in the studio down to meet the 33% requirement by law.

Although we are happy to open again, the new laws put an economic strain on us as being able to pay trainers to teach with only income coming in for 3 or 4 students. So for these reasons we have had to change our whole class structure to only allow 3 or 4 students at a time. These classes are actually more like a triplet private or quartet private session and the price per class now must reflect the more intimate class structure. The smaller classes will also allow for more attention and instruction to your session as before there were 7 students per class.

How to Book Group Classes

We are now taking calls or emails to start converting classes you previously purchased packages to be used towards our new structured smaller class prices. Once this is done you may then start to book your classes.

Please call us at 212-375-0430 or email us at to start this process.

Single Class -$35
11 Class pack $350 get1 free (save $35)
23 Class pack $700get 3 free (save $105)

Open Workouts (come and use the equipment yourself)
Single 1 hour session$25
11 pack $250 get 1 free (save $25)

I know this can be a bit upsetting as in you will no longer have the same amount of classes you had before but unfortunately this is the only way we can do so to insure the studio can remain open.

Thank you for your understanding,