Meet Liliana Gore

Feeling Good in Your Body is for Everyone

Our trainer, Liliana Gore, started out first as a client at Body Evolutions, and noticed immediately how the GYROTONIC EXPANSION  SYSTEM®  was unlike any other system.

It took Liliana just one Gyrotonic session to get completely hooked. From the moment she stepped off the bench she felt simultaneously grounded and uplifted, calm and excited, confused and confident. Opposition indeed! Her intense natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge ignited, she began as a client at Body Evolutions and noticed immediately how her body, mind and heart were becoming more flexible and strong in a way that no other exercise system had done for her.
However, what was most powerful for Liliana was how grounded and centered Gyrotonic kept her. She came to Gyrotonic in the midst of working full time and training to become a yoga instructor, rather a large departure from studying History and Philosophy of Science as an undergrad. That hour she could just focus on her breath and her movement was always, and continues to be, such a gift. Now it helps her ground and refocus, and help her spine recover, after working on a writing or sewing project.
As a trainer, she strives to hold space for her clients where they can also ground, refocus and express themselves physically. Feeling good in your body is for everyone, Gyrotonic is for everyone!
Liliana has participated in National Novel Writing Month three years in a row and loves to cosplay the characters she writes about!

Liliana Gore
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Image credits: Liliana Gore