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In order to best serve our all of our clients, we maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please call us as soon as possible if your plans change so we may accommodate another client. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the class will be charged as if you attended. We thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.

Waiver and Release

I have enrolled in a program of instruction in the GYROTONIC® exercise method of physical conditioning offered by Body Evolutions. I have been advised and I understand that participating in the GYROTONIC® exercise method and conditioning activities, like any other physical conditioning activity or exercise program, presents some unavoidable risk of injury, especially to people who have pre-existing injuries, illness or medical disabilities. I understand that the use of exercise equipment also carries with it a risk of injury. I recognize that many changes may occur as a result of exercise lessons, including possible short-term aggravation of some symptoms, feeling of tiredness, light-headedness, increased energy, mood changes, etc.

I also understand that a medical evaluation is advisable before commencing any program of physical conditioning or exercise. I have or will continue to keep Body Evolutions fully informed of any physical condition or disability, which would prevent or limit my participation in an exercise or physical conditioning program. I acknowledge that, although the conditioning program I participate in may have substantial physical benefits, neither Body Evolutions nor its staff is engaged in diagnosing or treating medical diseases or deficiencies.

I expressly assume all risks of my participation in the programs of the GYROTONIC® exercise method conducted by Body Evolutions and will not hold Body Evolutions, its officers, shareholders, employees, trainers or contractors responsible for any injuries resulting from or in relation to my participation in the GYROTONIC® exercise method.

Body Evolutions shall not be responsible or liable for any articles lost, stolen or damaged, in or about the studio.

I understand that Group Tower Classes require prior evaluation of my fitness level and that I am responsible for attending the appropriate level class.

I understand that if I must cancel a scheduled appointment, I must notify Body Evolutions at least 24 hours in advance or I will be held responsible for payment in full.


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We have a no refund policy for all services and all products.
We offer appointment changes and studio credit ONLY.
All of our packages have a 1 year expiration.