Body Evolutions Studios Temporarily Closing In Response To Coronaviras

Effective March 14th

Effective today at the close of the business day - Body Evolutions East Village, as well as Body Evolutions West 72nd,will close in response to the global pandemic. We will reassess in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks after that and on an ongoing basis.

We love our clients our staff and our community and are making this decision out genuine care for all. We want to make a pro-active attempt at leading the way to getting us all thru these difficult times without having to be told to do so.

As a business that works in close proximity with bodies, I feel we need to be responsible for your wellness and your health. Putting you at risk is not something I can live with. Should someone in our circle fall ill due to our negligence is something that is not acceptable to me or any of my staff.

I want to remind all of you that exercise, eating right and getting proper rest, is a great way to keep your immune system strong so please continue to do so from home. Now that the weather is warm is a good opportunity to do so as being in closed environments around many people is not recommended.

This with keeping a healthy strong attitude and spirit I feel will get us all thru this difficult time until the day we can reopen safely and enjoy training together again.

I opened Body Evolutions East Village in 2000 and have gone through 911, the crash of 2008 and Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to the continued support of amazing teachers and staff as well as dedicated clients I was able to make it through those challenges. I expect nothing short of the same now and have faith in us all to do so. We will all make it through this together! Stay safe everyone and keep strong spirit and close to all your loved ones.

Updates on the status of the studio will be given periodically so please check your emails.

Thank you all for understanding this decision and for continued support.

From all of us here at BE,

Much love and healing energy to you and your families at this difficult time.

Billy Macagnone