Studio Policies

We have come up with the following studio policy in order to offer you the best GYROTONIC® experience in Manhattan. Your time at body evolutions should not only transform your body, but should also nurture your soul. Please adhere to our policy so that you may get the greatest benefit from your time with us.


We request that you make every effort to arrive at least five minutes before your scheduled class or private lesson. This will give you time to change, take a deep breath, and let go of your busy life outside the studio. Upon arrival we ask you to please leave your shoes, your coat, your cell phone, and your worries safely tucked away in one of our lockers by the front door. You may select any empty locker, place your belongings inside, and push “C”, four numbers for your code, and the little “key symbol” to lock. Please remember your locker number. All lockers will be cleaned out nightly. If your coat is large or wet, you may elect to hang it on our coat rack. We cannot be responsible for any of your personal belongings.


If you are more than 3 months pregnant, for the safety of you and your child, we reserve the right to not let you in class for both pilates and gyrotonic group classes.

Trainer Substitutions

We reserve the right to change a trainer last minute without notice. Please understand in an emergency a substitute will be provided. We apologize for this but no refunds will be given.

Late Evolvers

For your own safety and out of respect for your fellow students, you may not join class more than 5 minutes late. Reserved spots will be released to clients on the wait list 5 minutes after the start of class. If you know you will be arriving late, please call the studio at 212.375.0430 so that we do not release your spot to someone on the wait list.

Late Arrival

If you are running late, please call the studio. In order to ensure everyone has the best experience possible at body evolutions we will not permit anyone to join a group class more than 5 minutes after it has started.

Check In

Once you have removed your coat and placed your shoes inside a locker, please check-in with the friendly front desk staff.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed beyond the front desk. If you are expecting an important call while at body evolutions, you may leave your phone with the front desk staff and they will get you if it rings.

Changing Rooms

We do not have showers at body evolutions. We have two bathrooms that also serve as changing rooms. Once you have changed and locked all personal items safely in a locker, please take a seat in our lounge. Your instructor will greet you and escort you back to your private lesson or group class.


We suggest you wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to move freely. To keep the refined atmosphere of body evolutions studio, please choose clothing that adequately covers your body. Trust us, you’ll be grateful for this bit of advice.


You may schedule appointments with the front desk staff or online. Once you have created an online account with us, you will be able to reserve, cancel, and pay for classes through our website.