Meet GYROTONIC® Trainer Alejandra Brossoit

Never stop dancing...

For the longest time, Alejandra Brossoit resisted having her hair put up in a bun for dance classes, until she discovered her passion for dance. Now, she channels the same passion into helping others find wellbeing through the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Alejandra was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and got into GYROTONIC® training to complement her dance. From there, she fell in love with it and pursued her path in teaching the system, so she could pass it along to her fellow dancers. She then realized how the expansion system can help not just dancers but also everyone who is looking for guidance to achieve health and wellbeing.

Alejandra Brossoit

Alejandra's passion outside of GYROTONIC is dance. Although when she was younger she would fight her mom about putting her hair in a bun, up until she was 14 years, when she realized that she wanted to make dance her career. That was what brought her to New York City. Alejandra studied at Alvin Ailey and received her Certificate from the school in May 2018. She has never looked back since her first arrival to the Big Apple in 2015. She wants to continue to grow and gain new knowledge to share with her students in her classes.

Alejandra Brossoit

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Image credits: Alejandra Brossoit