Pilates is For Everyone

Pilates is For Everyone

Central to Pilates is the awakening of the “core” muscles: deep trunk muscles that control posture and are the prime movers of the limbs. Working from the inside out, Pilates movements will make you stronger and more coordinated for every activity in your life.
Students often report getting taller from improved posture and lengthening in the spine, more energy in their daily life, weight loss, fuller breathing, and a greater sense of well-being.

Every movement in Pilates is a combination of strength, coordination, attention, and balance. It is important to pay attention to how you create each movement as you unfold your body. Pilates is an approach that works through any physical “stuckness” and produces real results, while still remaining enjoyable and challenging.

Private sessions are tailored to your personal goal and will give you an opportunity to have an in-depth, one-on-one exercise journey, which is customized to you. This is great for people with injuries or specific concerns, physical limitations, pregnant women, for those who want to see fast results, and even for performers preparing for a role.

We offer PILATES REFORMER group classes and private sessions!!

GYROTONIC® or Pilates Training
with Certified Instructor

Single 55-min Private Session - $100
10 55-min Private Sessions - $950 (Save $50)
20 55-min Private Sessions - $1,800 (Save $200)

Group GYROTONIC® / Pilates Classes

Single 55-min Group Class - $38
10 55-min Group Classes - $340 (Save $40)
20 55-min Group Classes - $600 (Save $160)

Introductory Specials

New Client Private - $75
New Client Group Class - $28
3 Privates for $255

10 Group Classes for $280 (Save $100)
20 Group Classes for $560 (Save $200)

55-min Duet - $65 per person
55-min Master Trainer Private Session - $150

Valid for year from date of purchase. NO REFUNDS, transferable credit only.

24-hour cancellation policy. Ask about larger packages & 85-min pricing.

Senior Trainer rates and special Apprentice rates also apply. Inquire within.

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