GYROTONIC® Applications for High Level Athletes

Created by Angela Crowley

GYROTONIC® Methodology provides a revolutionary approach to training which improves performance and reduces injury for any sport. The balance of strength and flexibility developed on all sides of every joint increases power and reduces stress concurrently,. The primary GYROTONIC® movements are elemental spinal motions which are present in every sport. GYROTONIC® methodology expands these motions into hundreds of exercises in every conceivable plane of motion inherently preparing the body to move in any direction for any sport. The technique prepares the body for the dynamics of sports more realistically than any other exercise system while simultaneously training the inner athlete’s mind to be calm and focused under stress. The GYROTONIC® system improves qualities of speed, efficiency power, accuracy, adaptability and grace.

This 3 day course is approved by Juliu Horvath as a GT Level 1 Update prepares instructors to confidently teach athletes.
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