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Are you ready for a new home in your body? No pain and more comfort as you move through your daily life? GYROTONIC® principles will create this for you, and our expert teachers will guide you through this process. In a short amount of time you will start to feel the joy of having a non–restricted fluid body.

We are dedicated to bringing about the joy that comes from moving freely to everyone – young and old. Whether you are a professional dancer, athlete or simply someone looking to feel better and experience a pain–free and lengthened body, there is a program here for you.

Body Evolutions is a warm and inviting sanctuary in the East Village and Upper West Side of Manhattan. Everyone who wants to achieve a higher quality of life through movement is at home and welcome in our studio. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the experience of this journey with you!

As a licensed PT I really recommend Gyrotonic at this studio.

“As a licensed PT I really recommend Gyrotonic at this studio. Gyrotonic is a culmination of body expression, awareness, conditioning and wellbeing. At Body Evolution I've worked with Allison and Sevin, and the instruction is creative, easy to follow and always perfectly executed. The staff is extremely professional and are really well versed in body movement and the Gyrotonic Method. They are also extremely friendly and helpful. I've only been doing this 3 months and already I feel and function better in all respects. I swim faster, row better and even my posture is 1/2 " taller. I'm sure I'll do this for the rest of my life ... Thanks Body Evolution!!”

~ Grant S.
Featured Trainer

Hiromi Naruse

Hiromi has been teaching GYROTONIC® since 2001 (certified as a Pre-Trainer, certified in Gyrotonic Level 1, Level 2, Level 1 as a Musical Journey, Gyrotoner, Jumping-Stretching Board, Archway, Leg Extension Unit and Gyrotonic applications for the Shoulder Girdle, for Scoliosis, for the Fascial Body, for Dynamic Trunk Stabilization, for Psoas Principles and for Dancers program 1),GYROKINESIS® (Level 1, Level 2, and Lotus Blossom program 2) and Pilates.
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