introductory private session


Your first private session with a Certified Instructor brings the principles of the GYROTONIC® method and equipment to match your personal health history, lifestyle, interests and goals.

Call or visit the Studio to make a booking. First-time private clients to body evolutions only.

30 Day Challenge Series

12 Privates Sessions

$780 (65/ Session)

Please call the studio to book your session!

Private Session with Master Teacher Billy Macagnone

1 Private (60 mins) - $150
1 Private (90 mins) - $210
11 Sessions - $1,500 (Save $150)
23 Sessions-$3,000 (Save $450)
59 Sessions $7,000 (Save $1,260)

Semi-Private Session - $80 each

Please call the studio to book your session!

Private Session with Senior Trainer Hiromi Naruse


1 Private-$90
11 Sessions -$900 (Save $90)
23 Sessions-$1,800 (Save $270)
59 Sessions $4,500 (Save $810)
Semi-Private Session - $65 each

Please call the studio to book your session!

1 Private Session


All private sessions are 55-mins with a Certified Instructor. If you have any particular health concerns or language requirements, we will work to make the best match according to our trainers’ specialty trainings and experience.

Semi-Private Session (Duet)

$45 per person

Ideal for couples or friends on a shared journey, the duet session allows you to work together with a trainer with focused attention and tips for home practice.

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justbe 3

$210 ($70/session)

Your next 3 private GYROTONIC® sessions are priced affordably to allow the foundations of your training to settle into your body.

Speak with your trainer after about how to structure your training program. This 3-pack is available once only per new private client.

Private Session Packages

30-Day Challenge Series

12 Private Sessions

$780 (65/ Session)

Please call the studio to book your session!

11 private sessions

$800 ($73/session)

Get 1 free or save $80!
Valid for 1 year.

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23 private sessions

$1,600 ($70/session)

Get 3 free or save $240!
Valid for 1 year.

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59 private sessions

$4,000 ($68/session)

Get 9 free or save $720!
Valid for 1 year.

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Semi-Private Session Packages

Group Tower Classes

Evolution Packages

be part of the group - individual classes now $30

Your First Group Class at BE

$18 (one time only)
10 Classes - $180 (one time only)

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30-Day Challenge Series

(must be completed within 30 days from first visit)

8 Classes – $160 ($20/Class)
12 Classes – $228 ($19/Class)

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E-Z Week Class Pass

$60 for 3 Classes

Save $36!
Valid 7 days.

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1 group class


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11 Pack Group Classes

$300 (1 Free / Save $30.00)

Save $30!
Valid 1 year.

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23 Pack Group Classes

$600 (4 free / Save $90)

Save $90!
Valid 1 year.

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59 Pack Group Classes

$1,500 (9 Free / Save $270)

Get 9 free or save $270!
Valid 1 year.

Membership & Rentals

open workout

$20 - With trainer approval

With a strong foundation in the GYROTONIC® method, you may begin to practice independently and must have permission from your trainer or Body Evolutions management to do so. Call to schedule in advance or you can walk-in if there are machines available.

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open workout monthly member

$145/month - With management approval

You may come in for as many “open workouts” as you like.

Especially during peak hours (M-F after 5pm, Sat/Sun before 2pm), please call ahead at (212) 375 0430 to ensure that there would be a Tower available for your use!

tower unit rentals

GYROTONIC® Instructors - $30

To ensure we can accommodate you and provide great service to you and your client, please reserve your tower unit ahead of time and provide us with the name of your client.

Discounted Packages available: 10-pack, 20-pack, 30-pack, 60-pack, and 100-pack.

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healthcare member

Physician referral/Physical Therapist/Osteopath/Chiropractor for Rehabilitation & Recovery

Discounted and members-only packages are available for those coming to a GYROTONIC® practice for reasons relating to surgical preparation/recovery or other healthcare related reasons. We value your privacy -- please email for more details on how to qualify and included benefits.
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  • Cancellations In order to best serve our all of our clients, we maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please call us as soon as possible if your plans change so we may accommodate another client. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the class will be charged as if you attended. We thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.
  • RefundsWe have a no refund policy for all services and all products.
    We offer appointment changes and studio credit ONLY.
    All of our packages have a 1 year expiration.
  • PregnancyIf you are more than 3 months pregnant, for the safety of you and your child, we reserve the right to not let you in class for both pilates and gyrotonic group classes.